Who am I

"I'm just a guy with a passion for the visual arts. Creating powerful & compelling images is what i do."

Visual Outrage Productions is the visual portfolio of writer & director Christopher Long. Both Visual Outrage and Christopher are available for freelance and collaborations in the fields of Narrative, Commercial, and Music Video.

Christopher can fill any position on the set from director, director of photography, and producer with over 15 years of experience in cinematic storytelling. He owns a 6K Cinema Camera Package, FAA Compliant 4K Drone Package, Sound Package, Lighting Package, 1 Ton Grip Package, and a 4K Editing Suite.


New visuals coming in 2020!
(I know... finally!)

"For me it's about capturing the visuals that spark the raw emotion in human beings."


I am based out of Philadelphia but will travel anywhere in the world to get the job done.

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I am currently looking for:
Cast & Crew
and any like minded creative folks to collaborate with.